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1977 CARRERA 3.0



A Truly unique Car configuration of the Iconic 911.


Perhaps the first ever turbo-look on a non turbo engine, to leave the factory.


Specially built for the Porsche dealer Glöckler of Frankfurt.

As a 930 Turbo Look, whale tale included, on a 3.0 Natural aspirated engine.


Originally finished in Light Yellow and black leatherette interior with pinstriped corduroy inserts and black carpeting, as is today!


Completed on August 13th 1977, this special 3.0 Carrera Targa has some Unique and interesting options specified by Glöckler, the most noteworthy being the M451 ‘Turbo Look’ body package, which included widened front and rear fenders and quarter panels, a large rubber-edged whale-tail spoiler. Also a rubber front air dam, 7-inch and 8-inch wide, 16-inch diameter Fuchs light alloy wheels. It is relevant because this option package pre-dates the ‘Works Turbo Look’ that became available on production order sheets in 1984.


As well as options for a set of black ‘Porsche’ door panel stripes, and a black stripe kit for the front hood, which included the “911” identifier, an option that was introduced in 1974. Factory-equipped with a 3.0 air-cooled engine that was a direct development of the 2.8 RSR racing engine of 1974, Porsche’s Carrera 3.0, in either coupe or Targa form, was a rare and very desirable vehicle. Its Certificate of Authenticity, issued by Porsche Deutschland GmbH on 9 July 2010.


This interesting wide-bodied example offers a distinctive, one-of-a-kind appearance that is unlikely to be found anywhere else.

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